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Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO-PORTO)


The Portuguese Institute of Oncology (IPO-PORTO) is a 50-year-old institution and an OECI Comprehensive Cancer Centre in the north of the country.

It is CHKS, JACIE (for Bone Marrow Transplants and Cellular Therapy), and ISO 9001: 2008 accredited.

IPO Porto is recognised as a National Reference Centre for highly specialised healthcare provider for: esophageal cancer, hepatobilliary and pancreatic cancer, cutaneous, soft tissue and bone sarcomas, pediatric oncology, rectal cancer and testicular cancer.

At international level, IPO Porto is member of European Reference Networks: ERN EuroBloodNet; ERN Genturis; ERN eUROGEN; ERN EURACAN and ERN PAEDCAN. It was was qualified for CAR-T cells therapy and is a member of the European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine.

We are also commited to research, teaching activities and continuous implementation in clinical practice of the highest standards of care, accuracy and quality control.

The Radiation Oncology Service at IPO-Porto is a unique facility, hosting two CT scanners and one 3T MRI for treatment planning, with access to PETCT and 9 linear accelerators, with loop mobile imaging (CBCT), dedicated to intraoperative RT, and a Brachytherapy Unit (LDR/HDR).

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