Participating Centres

Cancer Institute of Montpellier

Montpellier Cancer Institute is a Cancer Center in southern France treating a vast array of cancerous diseases, including  urologic tumours, gastrointestinal tumours (of the uppper and lower tract), gynecological tumours, soft tissue tumours, breast tumours, neural tumours, endocrinologic tumours, dermatologic tumours, hematologic tumours, as well as head and neck tumours in adults and children.

MCI’s Department of Radiotherapy is composed of the Brachytherapy Unit treating gynecologic tumors, anal cancer and prostate cancer, and the External Radiotherapy Unit is equipped with 2 accelerators for adaptative radiotherapy, 4 systems for non-invasive radiotherapy (VMAT and stereotactic radiotherapy) and 1 MRI-Linac machine.

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