Barcelona (ICO) meeting 14th-15th December 2017

14 March 2018


Marco Krengli (UPO Novara), Letizia Deantonio (UPO Novara), Ferran Guedea (ICO Barcelona), Ferran Ferrer (ICO Barcelona), Susanna Marin (ICO Barcelona), Evelyn Martinez (ICO Barcelona), Ignasi Modolell (ICO Barcelona), Montserrat Ventura Bujalance (ICO Barcelona), Bradley Londres (ICO Barcelona), Carles Munoz Monplet (ICO Barcelona), Gloria Torras (ICO Barcelona), Miquel Macia Garau (ICO Barcelona), Josep Jove Teixido (ICO Badalona), Isabel Planas (ICO Badalona), Ester Gonzalez (ICO Badalona), Salvador Villa (ICO Badalona), Jaume Molero (ICO Badalona), Alvar Rosello (ICO Girona), Arantxa Eraso (ICO Girona), Montserrat Puigdemont (ICO Girona),Luisa Carvalho (IPO Porto), Carla Lopes de Castro (IPO Porto), Artur Aguiar (IPO Porto), Julian Malicki (GPCC Poznań), Magdalena Fundowicz (GPCC Poznań), Ewelina Konstanty (GPCC Poznań), Marta Kruszyna – Mochalska (GPCC Poznań), Dorota Zwierzchowska (GPCC Poznań)

Minutes of the IROCA Meeting – ICO, Barcelona, Spain (14-15.12.2017)

  1. Reception and Introduction
  2. IROCA Project. Clinical Audit Results
    Audit balance in each centres (incidences, documentation…)
    Clinical audit indicators by prostate and rectal cancer
    General indicators
  3. Results
    Rectal cancer results and discussion
    Prostate cancer results and clinical discussion
  4. Improvement Plan
    Proposals from the clinical teams
  5. Strategic actions and next steps
    Diffusion plan (web, congress, reports, write ‘papers’…)
    Funding actions, other actions













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