Vienna, Austria meeting May 7th 2017

15 February 2019

Minutes of the IROCA Meeting

Vienna, 7th of May 2017


Marco Krengli (UPO Novara), Carla Pisani (UPO Novara), Letizia Deantonio (UPO Novara), Ferran Guedea (ICO Barcelona), Gloria Torras (ICO Barcelona), Carles Munoz (ICO Barcelona), Luisa Carvalho (IPO Porto), Carla Lopes de Castro (IPO Porto), Joana Lencart (IPO Porto), Magdalena Fundowicz (GPCC Poznan), Ewelina Konstanty (GPCC Poznan), Marta Kruszyna – Mochalska (GPCC Poznan), Dorota Zwierzchowska (GPCC Poznan)

  1. Reimbursement and all documents related (invoices, contracts, etc.)
  2. Website
  3. Bioethical form from each Institute
  4. Proposal of Indicators for prostate rectum and for the general form – discussion
  5. Abstract
  6. Legal notice
  7. Establish team leaders: for prostate, rectum and medical physics
  8. Proposal to arrange audio conference
  9. Calendar
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