UPO (Novara, Italy) meeting 23th-25th March 2017

15 February 2019

Minutes of the IROCA Meeting Novara, 23th-25th of March


Marco Krengli (UPO Novara), Gianfranco Loi Novara (UPO Novara), Lucia Turri (UPO Novara ), Debora Beldt (UPO Novara), Letizia Deantonio (UPO Novara), Ferran Guedea (ICO Barcelona), Josep Jove (ICO Barcelona), Luisa Carvalho (IPO Porto), Carla Lopes Castro (IPO Porto), Julian Malicki (GPCC Poznan), Magdalena Fundowicz (GPCC Poznan), Ewelina Konstanty (GPCC Poznan), Marta Kruszyna -Mochalska (GPCC Poznan), Dorota Zwierzchowska (GPCC Poznan)


  1. Polish Airline ticket office.
  2. Vienna meeting
  3. Draft agreement
  4. Bioethical form
  5. Clinical audit methodology
  6. Plan of the entry calendar of the project
  7. Updated list of e-mail addresses for the working team
  8. Indicators for prostate rectum and for the general form.
  9. Website
  10. Materials for promotion
  11. Upcoming meetings: How to join the project
  12. Prepare breast indicators
  13. Abstract
  14. Information about IROCA project into Reports of Practical Oncology and Radiotherapy
  15. Legal notice for IROCA project
  16. Create IROCA facebook (GPCC)
  17. Strategy action for the future







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