GPCC (Poznan, Poland) pilot clinical audit February 2nd-3th 2017

15 February 2019

Poznan pilot clinical audit 2nd.-3th of February 2017

Address WCO: Garbary 15, 60-101 Poznań, Poland


  • Julian Malicki (General Manager of the IROCA Project. Director of the WCO)
  • Magdalena Fundowicz (Local team WCO and clinical expert IROCA Project)
  • Dorota Zwierzchowska (Local team WCO)
  • Ewelina Konstanty (Local team WCO)
  • Marta Kruszyna (Local team WCO)
  • Esther Asensio (Operative Inter-Centre Team coordinator, IROCA Project. ICO)
  • Montse Puigdemont (Clinical records audit team expert, ICO)
  • Maria Glòria Torras (Strategic team member, IROCA Project. ICO)

 Work plan:

2nd of February

9:00 – 11:00 Introduction Meeting:
To organize the activities. To validate the documents related with the IROCA Project (Audit Methodology Manual, the General Questionnaire, the Pathology Questionnaires and the Clinical Audit Manuals). To check the access to the database and the cases loaded to start the revision

11:00-13:00- Revision of two cases of rectum cancer
14:00-16:00- Revision of two cases of prostate cancer

Revision of two cases per pathology for validating the questionnaires, clarifying doubts related with healthcare information required and data base registering criterion.

16:00 – 17:00 General form revision

3rd of February

9:00 – 11:00 Final balance and prepare a proposal of work plan for the Novara

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