ICO (Barcelona, Spain) meeting December 16th 2015

15 February 2019


Work session.

Barcelona 15-16th of December, 2015

Albert Jovell Hall, 2nd. Floor. ICO Hospitalet

09:00-10:00       Reception and Introduction

Dr. Josep Maria Borràs, Dr. Josep Ramón Germà, Dr. Ferran Guedea, Dr. Carles Muñoz and Dr. Julian Malicki

Presentations of the participants and centres

10:00-11:30       IROCA Project


Presentation of the pilot study (ICO)

  • Methodology
  • Team work
  • Preliminary results

Dr  Josep Maria Borràs, Dr. Ferran Guedea, Dr. Carles Muñoz,

Dr Miquel Macià, Sra. Esther Asensio, Dra. M Glòria Torras

11:30-12:00       Coffee break

12:00 -13:00      Validation of the model and proposal for

The international study

  • Methodology
  • Team work

13:00 -14:00      Collaboration with ESTRO and Patients organizations at

EU level. Strategic actions.

Dr Julian Malicki

Work plan

14:00 -15:00       Lunch at the hospital                                             

15:00-16:00       Further discussions if necessary

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